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Minnesota Masonic Charities

Few organizations have done as much as Minnesota Masonic Charities to raise crucial funds for groundbreaking research and care at the University of Minnesota that is leading to a healthier, more hopeful future. For 70 years, your support has fueled discoveries that have made a difference in countless lives and transformed the ways in which we are fighting cancer and helping children to thrive. We are deeply grateful for your generosity and hope you enjoy this report, which details some of the latest ways in which your support is making a difference.

From the leadership

Notable milestones in Masonic support

For 70 years, Minnesota Masonry has built a remarkable philanthropic legacy across the University of Minnesota, contributing more than $160 million to accelerate research discoveries in cancer and children’s health that improve lives throughout Minnesota and beyond.

  1. 1955

    The Masonic Cancer Center Fund is created and raises $1 million to build the 80-bed Masonic Memorial Hospital (the hospital is dedicated in 1958).

  2. 1963–1966

    A campaign raises more than $1 million to add two new floors to the Masonic Memorial Hospital.

  3. 1980–1981

    $875,000 is pledged to construct and equip an outpatient clinic. Masonic Families give $1.1 million for more lab space and a new oncology clinic.

  4. 1992

    A $5 million pledge supports construction of the four-story Masonic Cancer Research Building.

  5. 2006

    Minnesota Masonic Charities pledges to raise $10 million for a new, state-of-the-art cancer clinic. The building is completed in 2016.

  6. 2008

    Minnesota Masonic Charities commits $65 million to support what is now the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota.

  7. 2014

    The U’s children’s hospital is renamed the Masonic Children’s Hospital in honor of the Masons’ new $25 million gift, which brings their total U giving to $125 million.

  8. 2017

    The University of Minnesota launches Driven: the University of Minnesota Campaign. The largest fundraising campaign in the U’s history, Driven raises more than $4.4 billion. Support from Minnesota Masonic Charities plays a key role in the campaign’s success.

  9. 2018

    Ten years after their record-setting pledge of $65 million to the Masonic Cancer Center, Minnesota Masonic Charities accelerates this support with an influx of $25 million.

  10. 2020

    Minnesota Masonic Charities commits $35 million to establish and name the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain. The original cornerstone for the building that now houses the institute was laid by the Masonic Fraternity in 1922 by Grand Master Herman Held, and 100 years later, the Masons host a cornerstone ceremony as the MIDB prepares to open its doors in this important and historic space.

Masonic Cancer Center

When it comes to changing the trajectory for people with cancer, Masonic giving has made a remarkable difference at the University of Minnesota. It has built the University’s first cancer hospital. It has helped the nationally recognized Masonic Cancer Center become a reality. And all the while it’s fueled path-breaking discoveries—from smarter methods of cancer detection, to the most personalized therapies. Over the past year, this work has become stronger than ever. Thank you for all that you make possible as we move the field forward and touch even more lives.

By the numbers, 2022 Masonic Cancer Center highlights:
  • 25th consecutive year of recognition as an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Highest ranked NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in Minnesota
  • 800+ papers published
  • $90 million+ generated in cancer research funding, the most in any given year
  • Continued translation of discoveries in the lab to clinical trials and high-impact treatments

Accelerating new treatments

The most important aspect of the Masonic Cancer Center’s work is the ability...

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Improving cancer outcomes statewide: the Minnesota Cancer Clinical Trials Network

More than half of all Minnesotans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes...

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Keeping cancer research talent strong

Strategically recruiting talented faculty is critical to the success of...

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Making a powerful difference for patients

Masonic support plays a pivotal role in funding promising research...

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Inspiring new supporters

In fall of 2022, the Masonic Cancer Center received a powerful boost of support...

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Masonic Children’s Hospital

Together, Minnesota Masonic Charities and the University of Minnesota have transformed health care for kids across the state and worldwide. Masonic support has helped M Health Fairview Masonic Children’s Hospital forge new ground in treating diseases, training physicians, and more, resulting in better outcomes for patients. It has also jump-started critical research projects that have led to pioneering care. As the Masonic Children’s Hospital continues to save lives and shape the practice of pediatrics, it’s hard to imagine a partner that has been more integral to its success than Minnesota Masonic Charities.

By the numbers, 2022 Masonic Children’s Hospital highlights:
  • Longest running, top-ranked children’s hospital in the Twin Cities
  • Ranked among the top 50 hospitals in the country (by U.S. News and World Report)
  • Ranked 12th in NIH research funding among pediatrics departments nationwide (by Blue Ridge Research Rankings)
  • Remained a leader in treating rare diseases, with many “firsts” in treating children with genetic therapies and continued growth in solid organ transplants
  • Launched a new telemedicine initiative in pediatric neonatology

Launching high-impact pediatrics research

Masonic support has played a key role in getting high-impact research off the ground...

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Training the next generation of rural physicians

Support from Minnesota Masonic Charities plays a key role in helping...

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Recognizing our hospital heroes: the Masonic Mission Award

In 2015, Minnesota Masonic Charities staff partnered with the Masonic Children’s Hospital to launch...

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Helping our youngest patients thrive

At the Masonic Children’s Hospital, physicians, nurses, and staff work...

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Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain

Since opening its doors in November of 2021, the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain (MIDB) has broken new ground in research, outreach, and care that support brain health from the earliest stages of development across the lifespan.

Together, our researchers and clinicians are bringing a wide range of expertise and experience to tackle everything from autism and ADHD, to drug addiction and depression. A transformational commitment of $35 million from Minnesota Masonic Charities is playing a key role in the success of their work, ensuring they continue to find solutions that give every child the chance for a safe, happy, and productive life. Some examples of how Masonic support is making a difference follow.

By the numbers, 2022 Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain highlights:
  • $50 million+ in federal funding for research
  • 400% increase in service engagements statewide
  • 17,000 in-person clinic visits
  • Nearly 700 telehealth visits

Studying brain development across the lifespan

Researchers at the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain (MIDB) lead numerous studies...

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Making a difference through teleoutreach

For children and families struggling with behavioral, neurodevelopmental, and mental health needs...

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Bringing creativity–and fun–to community-based work

The Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain (MIDB) is dedicated to leading research...

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Masonic Cornerstone Ceremony for the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain

In addition to the incredible impact that Minnesota Masonic Charities has made...

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President's Club

It is a privilege to recognize Minnesota Masonic Charities as a member of the University of Minnesota President’s Club 1851 Society. The 1851 Society honors exceptional supporters whose generous lifetime giving equals or exceeds $25 million. As one of the largest donors in University history, your organization is an integral part of a long tradition of giving to the U of M. Thank you for your vision and support!

Heritage Society

Planned Gifts

Morrill Society


Builders Society

$1 million+

John Sargent Pillsbury Society

$10 million+

1851 Society

$25 million+

Thank you for your remarkable generosity. We are deeply grateful for all that your support has made possible and the profound impact it will make for generations to come.